FUOOTECH's ZYD-150 Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Supplying to Hyundai


At the beginning of June., 2020, Hyundai placed an order for our Model ZYD-150 (9000 L/hr) Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine for supporting their project in Bangladesh.

They required this machine maded in fully enclosed type for weather proof, which will be used for outdoors for dehydration, degassing, filtration of transformer oils.

This machine is equipped with strong & powerful vacuum pump, roots pump, oil inlet pump, oil outlet pump, high density oil heating system, multi-stage particles fitering system, auto-defoaming system, reliable electrical controlling system, etc... so as to keep the whole operation in good status and high efficiency.

If you are looking for transformer oil filtration machines for your power station, power transmission, power distribution, power generation, transformer services and repairing workshops, etc... welcome to contact us.  FUOOTECH will provide you the best choice and solution. 

ZYD-150 Transformer oil filtration machine- FUOOTECH

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