What we need do for the maintenance of oil purifiers?


Periodic and Correct Maintenance of Oil Purifiers are Very critical and necessary.

After Periodic and Correct Maintenance, oil purifier machine can be operated without any troubles, life span can be extended, costs of repairing and replacement can be avoid from potential damaging. 

All oil purifier machines have their life span and need periodic maintenance, FUOOTECH Group gives following introduction as suggestions:

transformer oil purifier maintenance- FUOOTECH

 1.  Motors and pumps can not be rotated in wrong direction while oil purifier machine works, wrong rotation direction would suck lots of air and liquids into machine that will affect the filtration results and bring some working problems.

 2.  While the oil is entering the machine, if pumps produce any abnormal noises, please stop the machine and check the pumps and primary filter need be checked and cleaned.


3.  When the oil purifier machine has been operated for a period such as 6 months or more, please check the filters and clean them. Because during the long-time working, filters may be full of particles and dusts from the dirty oil, the filtraton efficiency will be affected and pressure will increase too much if no check and cleaning the filters.

 4.  Filters are consumables, they need check and cleaned periodically as mentioned above. We also suggest clients replacing the filters every 2 years or when they are damaged in order to keep the high quality of filtration efficiency and machine's working well.

 5.  Vacuum pump oil need be also checked periodically, if they get dirty, please replace them. If this oil becomes less, please add some new oils to keep the oil at a standard level.

 6.  Keep the Oil Hoses (especially the input and output points) clean. if find any dirts there, please remove the oil hoses and clean it. otherwise these dirts will pollute the oil.
 7.  Check all Electrical Components and Gauges, make sure they are in good working condition.

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