Why transformer oil filtration machine is required?


Transformer & Transformer Oil

Transformer is one of the main assets in the electrical power industry which needs to be maintained for guaranteed uninterrupted power transmission in order to get assured revenue benefits. Transformer oils are important for the functional transformers and are the dielectric substance that helps in maintaining their temperature. Transformer oils are vital for the proper running and functioning of the transformers.

Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformers require filtered and dried oil. During its usage, the insulating oil absorbs moisture and gets polluted by sopping fibers, dirty particles, aging products, and soot. Even unused oil is not clean enough as it may have absorbed moisture from the air or may have got polluted in the barrel it was stored in. The efficiency of the oil as an insulating material is highly reduced as the moisture level increases. Hence, transformer oil filtration is an important process which eliminates solid particles, dissolved gasses, and dissolved water. The electrical properties of the oil can be enhanced by filtering, dehydration, and degassing. Transformer Oil Filtration keeps the transformer in good condition and increases its life.Transformer oil filtration- FUOOTECH

Benefits from Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

FUOOTECH's Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can bring main benefits to you as below:

1. Keeps the dielectric strength (BDV) KV of your oil above the required level;

2. Removes dissolved gas from the oil;

3. Removes moisture and impurities from oil thoroughly;

4. Cleans and clears the oil color;

5. Increase the life of not only the transformer but also the oil;

6. Vacuum pumping for Transformer and vacuum oil filling oil for power transformer

7. Improved insulation properties of the oil  

8. Better the insulation of transformer, longer the life of the transformer and lesser the breakdown of the transformer

9. Longer the life of the transformer asset, good returns on investment of the asset

10. Lesser breakdowns and failure of the transformer results in uninterrupted power supply

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